Design for AI

In-depth interviews with experts and discussing topics to learn how to design machine learning to be usable by everyone, and help define the space where Machine learning intersects with UX. Covering UX/UI design, development advice, and PM guidance for all things AI.

The State of UX in AI with Josh Clark

Josh Clark enlightens us to everything we need to know about the current state of UX in AI. He takes us on an unsettling stroll through uncanny valley. He encourages us to let machines do what they’re really good at, and humans do what they’re really good at. He guides us into how to begin getting our hands dirty with AI/Machine-Learning.

357: GPT-3 and the Future of Design

This week, we talk about the recently-unveiled GPT-3 AI tool and the implications of AI for design. In The Sidebar, we discuss HUD design in video games, nerding out on diegesis, skeuomorphism, and more.

Roxanne Pinto, Google Flights

In this episode, host Travis Neilson interviews Roxanne Pinto, a content strategist at Google, about the role of UX writing in helping people use—and understand—machine learning-driven products. Listen in as Pinto shares insightful anecdotes about unpacking errors and how mental models shape product interactions and user trust.
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