CognitiveExperience.Design | DOSSIER 2030


Design is undergoing a transformation and a new generation of design leaders are using Cognitive Experience Design to craft customer experiences that reduce the time to task and that delight the users senses with new art forms that use algorithms to generate infinite possibilities. 

Machine Learning

Machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence (AI) that provides systems the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed.

Generative Design

Generative design is an iterative design process that involves a program that will generate a certain number of outputs that meet certain constraints, and a designer that will fine tune the feasible region by selecting specific output or changing input values, ranges and distribution. Throughout the generative design process the designer learns to refine the program with each iteration as their design goals become better defined over time.

The output could be images, sounds, architectural models, animation, and much more. It is therefore a fast method of exploring design possibilities that is used in various design fields such as art, architecture, communication design, and product design.



A conversational UI assistant. You provide the content, then it helps you to create a layout and choose a visual style.

The Grid V3.

Chooses templates & presentation styles, retouches and crops photos — all by itself. Moreover, the system runs A/B tests to choose the most suitable pattern. |

Adaptive Modular Scale

Experimental computational design platform that generates design system tokens. |



The team learned how to answer the question, “What will the booked price of a listing be on any given day in the future?” so that its hosts could set competitive prices.

Sketch Confetti

Sketch Confetti. 
A plugin generates modern confetti patterns that fit into existing screen mockup.


Neural network-based app that stylizes photos to look like works of famous artists.

Assisted Writing

Assisted Writing re-imagines word-processing & explores new forms of writing, that allow authors to shift their focus from creation to curation, and write more joyfully.

Yandex Launcher

An Android launcher uses an algorithm to automatically set up colors for app cards, based on app icons.

Adobe Fontphoria

This Sensei experiment turns any letter image into a glyph, then creates a complete alphabet and font out of it. It can also apply the result to a physical object via augmented reality.

Individualized ux