Generative Images, Photos & Videos

COGNITIVEEXPERIENCE.DESIGN Generative Images, Photos, Videos & Art Designing with Ai free’s designers to outsource mundane tasks and focus on solving for more complex problems. One of the time consuming and wasteful tasks is creating templated graphic and photo assets in infinite variations. It takes far too much time and is demotivating, when designers could be…

Generative Design + Machine Learning

Design is undergoing a transformation and a new generation of design leaders are using cognitive Expereince Design to craft customer experiences that reduce the time to task and that delight the users senses with new art forms that use algorithms to generate infinite possibilities. 

The Mirrorworld

The mirrorworld doesn’t yet fully exist, but it’s coming. Someday soon, every place, thing & person in the real world will have its full-size digital twin in the mirrorworld. Deep dive with me in to the emerging mirrorworld.