Author: Joanna Peña-Bickley

Generative Art

Generative Art
CognitiveExperience.Design GENERATIVE ART Generative Art is a process of algorithmically generating new ideas, forms, shapes, colors or patterns. First, you create rules that provide boundaries for the creation process. Then a computer (or less commonly a human) follows those rules to produce new works. Generative art is performed by mathematical algorithms that were written by […]

Generative Images, Photos & Videos

COGNITIVEEXPERIENCE.DESIGN Generative Images, Photos, Videos & Art Designing with Ai free’s designers to outsource mundane tasks and focus on solving for more complex problems. One of the time consuming and wasteful tasks is creating templated graphic and photo assets in infinite variations. It takes far too much time and is demotivating, when designers could be […]

Making Magic with Ai

Design 0 Making Magic With Ai + Internet of Things Moving From Science Fiction To Enchanting Brand Experiences   Do you believe in magic?I do. Most of my creations have been inspired by the belief that there is a unique dialog between fiction and invention. The comics of Trina Robbins, Wendy Pini, Louise Simonson, Charles Moulton, Arthur C. Clarke and the […]

Designing with Ai

COGNITIVEEXPERIENCE.DESIGN DESIGN + Ai At the nascent stages of the 4th Industrial Revolution, Artificial Intelligence (Ai) is radically accelerating change in the disciplines of human factors, ergonomics, industrial, information, interaction, interior design and architecture. Whether you are a product designer of connected devices (Internet of Things), websites, mobile applications or an architect or interior designer […]